Reviews of  “48 Hours to Chaos”


. . . BRILLIANT! . . . I want to encourage thousands, millions of readers to get their own copy of this book. "48 Hours to Chaos" is an insightful, thoughtful yet highly readable treatise on the most important aspects of our lives: the interaction of each of us with each other, our social systems, and our government. The author's presentation is a beautiful string of logic that gives you the gift of one "ah,ha" moment after another.

Daniel Burke



A truly humorous look at the way the world works. By far the best nonfiction book I have read.

Sarajo Leszinske


This book would be a good basis for a high school or college course because it lays out all the facts and then allows the reader to draw his own conclusions. I loved this book and think you would, too.

Edward Nielsen


If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking look at the world, then I recommend giving “48 Hours to Chaos” a try.

Kam Aures for Rebecca’s Reads


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