Another book by John D Waterman


“Inkling” is the science fiction story of a man named Gyro, a down-on-his-luck veteran of Planetary Defense, who also happens to be an amateur computer programmer. Desperate for a job, he signs a five-year contract when the Virtue Mining Corporation offers him a career on Joules, a far-distant mining planet.

He goes through basic training with Skoots, a former high school sports star who has a major obsession with women. Despite their differing personalities and outlooks on life, the two men become fast friends.   

  • Learn why Gyro would want to sign up for an off-planet mining job.
  • See how he develops ideas for programming his computer.
  • Find out how to properly prepare for a hyperspace jump.
  • Travel across the galaxy with a tough crowd of miners.
  • Marvel at Skoots’ obsession with women.
  • Learn a little about mining silver.

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